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Submission Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in guest posting for Ecuador Business Directory. We are always looking for fresh new content that will enhance our readers’ lives.

Please read the following guidelines carefully. A well-crafted article that meets the following criteria has the best chance for acceptance…

  • Read First: Before you try and write something for this site please read the content to get a feel for the tone, style and target market.
  • On Target: This blog is about expats currently living or planning to move to Ecuador. Only content directly related to Ecuador (living or moving to) will be considered.

Quality Writing: It should go without saying that the post must be well written… but you would be surprised. Writing quality is the number one reason post submissions get rejected.

  1. Use correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling. Most word processing software programs have these built in — so please use them!
  2. If you’re into article spinning, then don’t bother submitting.
  3. You may include an “author box” with a link to our website or email address. Links within articles should be appropriate and not promoting your business. That is done in the author box.

What I do want is quality articles that add value to my reader’s lives and is on target for my audience.

  • Editing: I may occasionally make small edits but my preference is to publish guest posts that require no editing. If significant editing is required it will not be published.
  • Length: Ideally articles should be between 500 and 1500 words. But length is not the major criteria – writing quality is.
  • Originality: The article should be 100% original to you and unpublished. It must be exclusive to Ecuador-Expats.com and not appear in substantially similar form elsewhere.
  • Self-Promotion: Obviously the goal of a guest post is to promote your business or blog by expanding your reach. There is nothing wrong with that. However, to get published you must also add value to my reader’s lives through your writing.
  • Backlinks: A maximum of 2 backlinks to your site are acceptable and other backlinks to authority sites and referenced resources are encouraged as well.  Backlinks contained in the article body should be relevant, add value and anchor text should read naturally and flow logically. Each backlink will be checked to be sure it is referring to a quality, established web site and the page referenced by the link is high quality and adds value to my readers and the article.
  • Author Resource Box: Please include a brief author resource box with at least 1 of the allowed back-links so my readers can find you if they like your article.

Again, I thank you for honoring this site and my readers with your brilliant writing. I also thank you for respecting my time by sending only posts that clearly follow these guidelines.

I look forward to publishing your article.

Lisa McMahon