Worthan Group

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Worthan Group

The Team at Worthan Group specializes in the unique application of International time tested asset classes designed to preserve capital while enhancing yield, mitigating taxes, giving you more flexibility, opportunity, and control; at the same time protecting our clients’ portfolios from major bear market corrections.


  • International Business Consulting
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Legacy Planning

Locations: Cuenca and Cotacachi

Business Name: Worthan Group
Address: Luis Moreno
City: Cotacachi
Province: Imbabura
URL: http://www.worthangroup.com/index.html
Phone 1: 970.744.3640
Phone 2: 0969579054
Phone 3:
Email 1: wes@worthangroup.com
Email 2: trustcounselor@yahoo.com

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