Playa Casa Ecuador

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Playa Casa EcuadorPlaya Casa EcuadorPlaya Casa Ecuador is a leading, full service real estate and construction services business (new build, remodeling or renovation) focused on beach front or ocean view properties for sale or rent on the Ecuadorian coast. From Playas to Salinas, the Montanita and Olon areas and beyond we have properties of all types in all price ranges starting at $25,000  to $2 million.

We are US expats and experienced real estate professionals who have bought and sold beach front properties here in the Salinas, Ecuador area. We strive to find your ideal property at the best price.  With an experienced and knowledgeable team to assist in every phase of your Ecuadorian property purchase or construction project, relocation, visa processing and more, we strive to make your move to Ecuador as easy as possible.

Business Name: Playa Casa Ecuador
City: Salinas
Province: Santa Elena
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