Itchimbía Centro Cultural

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Itchimbía Centro Cultural, Quito, Ecuador

The glass and steel structure imported from Hamburg in 1889 was on the other side of the city until it was moved to Itchimbía hill in 2004. In a total area of 54 hectares, of which more than thirty consist of chaparral, are about 400 varieties of flowers, 40 species of birds and one hectare of wetland riches that make it an interesting place, attractive for visitors and a meeting space and recreation.

Itchimbía Cultural Center, which opened on July 31, 2004, features the latest technologies, robotic lights, CCTV, widescreen display, temperature controlled within, and acoustics ensure sound quality. In addition, parking, roadside, parks, esplanades for mega events, conference rooms, restaurant and a main hall of 1,300 square meters, that made worthy to be the seat of the most important archaeological exhibition on record in the Andean region

Business Name: Itchimbía Centro Cultural
Address: Calle Iquique
City: Quito
Province: Pichincha
Phone 1: (593-2) 395-2300
Phone 2:
Phone 3:
Email 1:
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