Dr. Patrick Bullock

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Dr. Patrick Bullock, Chiropractor

Dr. Patrick Bullock, Chiropractor

Chiropractic Health Center, Living in Ecuador since 1993, Interested in Organic Growing, Health and Better Living.

Contact: Patrick Bullock of Millennium Posture Center is a US Trained Chiropractor with 12 years of practice in Quito.

Chiropractic Techniques used are:

  1. Diversified adjustments
  2. Myofascial trigger point therapy
  3. Ultra sound and electrical stimulation
Business Name: Dr. Patrick Bullock
Address: Calle Magnolias lote 5
City: Cumbaya
Province: Pichincha
URL: http://drbullock.webs.com/
Phone 1: 2 891-931
Phone 2: 09 254-2216
Phone 3:
Email 1: bullock0005@yahoo.com
Email 2:

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