Craftsman Custom Homes

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Craftsman Custom Homes“If You Can Dream It We Can Build It!”

Custom Built Sustainable Eco Friendly Homes

Vilcabamba & Cuenca Ecuador

Quality Construction, Creative Design, Innovative Engineering

Architects, Engineers & Construction Specialists

We look forward to meeting all your design and construction needs.

Steve Turner, Dan Foster, Ron Black, Ray Copp

Our Team

Our Craftsman Custom Homes team consists of a group of professional architects, engineers and construction specialists with many years of experience, all dedicated to quality, not only the quality of the construction, but also the quality of the design and construction experience.

Our Service

We realize that your custom home is an investment as well as a fulfillment of your visions and dreams. Nothing increases the value of a home and the happiness of the owners more than the design. We collaborate with our customers in order to fulfill our customers’ needs and wants as well as their visions and dreams. We realize that the final product of great architecture and superior craftsmanship should be a reflection of the owner’s dream and a reward for their effort. We utilize our talents, experience and creativity to maximize the value of your investment and the realization of your dreams.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand our customers want friendly, personable service. We recognize the need for effective communication. We listen to the needs and wants of our customers. We provide superior customer service that gives our customers peace of mind. Customer satisfaction is our most important goal.

Customer Needs & Investment Value

We provide all the services needed to design and build your custom dream home.


Our team takes an approach that goes beyond construction, manufacture and fabrication. We bring creativity to every custom project; focusing design, space utilization and efficiency. We incorporate all into a beautiful finished product that you can be proud of.

Architectural Design

We understand that your home is much more than a building with a set of walls and a roof to sleep under. We realize that your home should be a secure shelter as well as a customized living space that conforms to your individual needs and wants as well as add value to the quality of your time spent in your custom home. We realize that your custom home needs to express your tastes, and maximize your comfort and efficiency. We understand that your custom home needs to be beautiful as well as comfortable, and safe. We realize that your dream home should be autobiographical and reflect the spirit and personality of the owner.


We understand that our customers will be living with the results of our craftsmanship for many years and passed down to future generations. We realize that our clients want the job done right, down to the smallest details. We use our expertise, experience and passion for detail to deliver a superior product. We provide quality craftsmanship done with integrity and pride. Our passion for quality is unsurpassed.

Fast Track Construction

We recognize our customers desire to begin enjoying their custom home as soon as possible. We provide efficient and effective project planning and management in order to expedite the construction process and maximize our client’s investment. We utilize construction methods designed to reduce construction time. Our goal is to deliver a superior product as quickly as possible.

Efficiency & Value

We utilize value engineering and design to deliver cost effective construction solutions for our clients. We utilize lean management techniques that deliver value to our customers. Our expertise in efficient use of methods, time and materials provide value to our customers. We continuously search and implement methods and processes that deliver value to our customers. We effectively utilize and manage resources to deliver value to our customers.


We understand that the natural surroundings and environment are extremely important and need to be considered when designing and constructing your custom home. Our designs are coupled with nature in order to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants while exposing nature’s beauty with minimum impact on the natural surroundings. We realize that the earth’s resources are being depleted at an ever increasing rate and the availability of resources for future generations need to be considered when designing and creating buildings. Our team of architects, engineers, designers and construction specialists consider sustainability and availability of resources when designing and constructing custom houses. Our goal is to create sustainable green designs that do not limit our client’s needs and wants. All of our custom homes are built using green technology and materials whenever possible.

Long Term Relationships

We are committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance,wrong value, and client satisfaction. We strive for continued improvement in order to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. We grow through keeping our existing customers satisfied and expanding our loyal base of customers. We provide the creativity, efficiency, experience and expertise needed to achieve all of our clients’ goals.

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