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CEDEI - language school

CEDEI offers various programs tailored to individuals with different needs and interests. Some focus on Spanish language immersion, others on volunteer community service, some on medical Spanish, and others on more intense internship experiences with local organizations. We do our best to create an individual program that suites your interests and specific needs.

Full Immersion Spanish Program (FISP):

  • One-on-one Spanish language instruction (20 hours per week)
  • Homestay with local family
  • Weekend guided excursions
  • Andean music, art, and Latin dance classes
  • 2 week minimum, four week max

Spanish Immersion Volunteer Program (SIVP):

  • Volunteer in the community
  • One-on-one Spanish instruction
  • Latin dance classes
  • Homestay with local family

Spanish Tutorials:

  • One-on-One Spanish instruction
  • Recommended minimum 20 hours of classes
  • Option to have a homestay with a local family


  • 30-40 hours per week interning with a local organization
  • 4-8 academic credits
  • Minimum 7 weeks, advanced Spanish required

Medical Spanish in Ecuador:

  • 5 Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • 40 hours of formal classroom study; 16 hours of lectures and visits to local health providers
  • 2 weeks of homestay with a local health provider
Business Name: CEDEI
Address: Luis Cordero 5-66 y Juan Jaramillo
City: Cuenca
Province: Azuay
URL: http://www.cedei.org/
Phone 1: 593 (7) 283-9003
Phone 2:
Phone 3:
Email 1: english@cedei.org
Email 2: info@cedei.org

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