Safely Have Your Vehicle Shipped to Ecuador

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by Jenna Oppenheimer

As an expat, the rules for vehicle importation into Ecuador may vary from the regulations set for all others entering the country. Nevertheless, an experienced and professional international transport company can help you with your vehicle’s shipping process. Overseas shipping requires time and effort, but skilled transporters will guide you along using their resources and knowledge.

It is highly suggested that you schedule your transport at least two months in advance. It takes time to prepare the documents required by Customs to gain import approval. Most international transport companies will help collect the required proof to ensure that your vehicle is cleared and permitted into Ecuador.

The Overseas Shipping Process Explained

After scheduling your vehicle’s transport, contact the Embassy of Ecuador. They will give you all of the information you need to safely get your vehicle shipped to the country. Not all vehicles are allowed into Ecuador. This might be the hardest part of the foreign import policy to comply with. In fact, the vehicle must have been manufactured during the current year or the year prior. If your vehicle fits the specified criteria, begin fulfilling the country’s import policy requirements.

Documents Required

  • Passport or Visa
  • License or Picture ID
  • Certificate of Quality from the INEN
  • Proof of Paid Tariffs
  • Vehicle Title and Registration
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Original Purchase Invoice
  • Circulation Permit

Only returning Ecuadorians are able to import a vehicle duty free as a part of their household goods. Proof of residing abroad for at least three years will be necessary if you wish to ship your vehicle under this condition.

About a week before your vehicle is set to take off towards Ecuador, you should begin preparing as asked for by the transport company (and A-1 Auto Transport Inc Worldwide Shipping is a possible international transport company to check out). The automobile should be prepped to ensure its safe delivery as well as the safety of those handling its shipping process. Begin by cleaning the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Remove anything that wasn’t manufactured with the vehicle. Check all of the fluids. The fuel tank should read ¼ full or less. Otherwise, all other fluids should be topped off. The tire pressure should also be checked. All existing damages should also be noted and pictures should be taken of the vehicle in its current condition.

On the day of the transport, the vehicle will be secured inside of a shipping container or atop a flatbed ship. The way it is secured for transport is dependent on the shipping method chosen. Some international transporters will pick the vehicle up with a hauler from your home first. After the vehicle is retrieved, it will begin its journey to Ecuador.

When the vehicle is expected to reach port, you must be there for its arrival. Seaports will not hold any goods for anyone. Make sure you have a ride arranged to the port so that you can pick your vehicle up right away. Most auto transport companies offer Wi-Fi enabled tracking services so that you can keep up with your vehicle during its travels. Have the paperwork required when you reach the port or terminal so that the vehicle is released to you without any complications.

As for the final step in the shipping process, you must give a brief personal inspection. Check the vehicle over for any damages that may have been caused during the shipping process. While it is rare for a vehicle to be harmed during its transport, it is always wise to check. Use your previous notes and pictures of the vehicle’s damages to help inspect the vehicle one last time. If you notice any new markings or damage, inform the transporter. Usually, a report is written out and signed immediately. This document is then returned to the transport company. They will reach out to you so that you can file a claim with their insurance agent.

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