Unexpected Costs When Relocating Overseas

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So you have decided to chase a dream and live in another country as an expat? Well it may not be as simple as packing your bag and obtaining the relevant visas, often there are a considerable amount of unexpected costs involved in moving overseas. Having a financial buffer zone in your accounts before you leave and an open mind will help ensure your success…….

A well planned trip

Relocating Overseas A well planned trip will alleviate some of the unexpected expenses you may incur when relocating overseas, but there will still be quite a few items that will add up in the end. Planning your trip with adequate insurance, documentation, airline tickets and visas is a good way to start the trip. This will assist in minimizing the unexpected and keep a few extra bucks in your back pocket. Make sure you take an extra copy of all of your documentation and store it in a safe place away from the originals. If you lose the originals these copies will allow you to move about and get by until you can get them replaced.

Transportation and tips

Local transportation is often a minimal expense, especially when heading to a third world country. However, you will be surprised at how quickly it can add up. Taxis from most airports in the world are expensive and when arriving in a foreign country you generally have no other means of transport. Try checking out airport shuttles before you land to save a bit on the ride to your hotel or accommodation.

Most services these days incur a tip such as taxis, hotel baggage porters, waiters, barmen and other hospitality personnel. These tips can quickly add up into a small fortune if you are not careful and having some extra dough set aside for this reason is a good idea. The best way to beat unexpected expenses is to expect the unexpected.

Visas and Excess baggage

A common problem many expatriates have when moving to another country is the weight of their baggage. Often, we tend to pack more than we actually need. Try to pack everything you won’t need immediately in with the goods you are shipping to the country. Shipping fees are much cheaper than excess baggage fees and will provide less of a headache when you check in at the airport. Pack only what you will need in the first week or so and be prepared to wash some of your clothes, this will mean you pack less and save on hefty fees at the airline counter.

Visas can often be pre-arranged before entering a country, but many countries will still charge you an arrival tax which can sometimes be up to US$150. Make sure you check out the entry requirements and fees before arriving in the country to ensure you have the money aside for any fees and charges you may incur. Be aware that in some third world countries they may try to charge you a nonexistent ‘tax’. Being aware of what the costs and taxes are supposed to be, will allow you to call the officials bluff and not pay a cent.

In short, there are always unexpected expenses when travelling, especially when relocating overseas. Having the right insurance, some excess cash in your accounts and planning ahead will mean the difference between a nightmare and a manageable trip.

About the Author:

Over the last 4 years, Tom has been working for an international removals company, where he gained a lot of experience with overseas travels.

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