My Favorite Wheeled Backpack Luggage

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Recently I was reading an article by my friend Nora “The Professional Hobo” on why she likes Wheeled Backpacks and I told her that may favorite one was made by Eagle Creek.

I said “I’ve taken one on numerous plane trips to several continents and it has performed like a champ for years. The detachable daypack is wonderful for a laptop/carryon and in larger planes you can often get away with carrying the whole thing on. The main pack has several different pockets/zippers to  keep stuff properly organized and easy to find. After all the beating the airlines have done to it mine is still in the best shape of any luggage I’ve tried. The only wear that is visible is the tail end of one of the straps which looks a bit chewed. All the zippers are still perfect, no tears nothing! I love it and it is well worth the “high” price when you figure how long it lasts. If I was traveling all the time I would get a bigger one but that’s about it.”

Here are some pictures of my favorite Wheeled Backpack:


At the top (near the padlock) it has a strap that allows you to attach another piece of luggage or a travel pillow which has come in handy many times.


The lower straps attach to the zip off daypack while the upper strap helps protect the main zipper.



The pull handle is retractable and has a convenient release button and feels much sturdier than many pull handles I’ve used.


In this picture you can see the strap that got mangled by some airport conveyor but it may not have been clipped so I can’t blame the airline or the luggage for that issue.


Unfortunately, Eagle Creek doesn’t make this exact model anymore. Their new version looks like this:

You can read about it and see bigger pictures on Amazon Here: Eagle Creek Luggage Load Warrior Wheeled Duffel 22.

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link if you use it,  Amazon will make a little less and I will make a (very) small commission but it won’t cost you any extra. I really do love my Eagle Creek luggage and am considering buying a larger one for longer trips. 

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