Learning Spanish

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Are you having trouble learning Spanish?

A recent thread on the Ecuador expats Yahoo! group discussed “The Ugly American.” One way to prevent or cure this perception is for the expat to learn Spanish. There are many ways to learn Spanish, including some free websites. As my husband Tim and I prepare for the eventual move to Ecuador, we have attempted to learn Spanish before we arrive. One thing we have discovered is that we have drastically different learning styles. While he may like one style, I prefer another.

Ultimately, I believe we won’t make much progress until we are forced to learn through immersion in the language and culture of Ecuador. For me, three to five classes a week for a couple of hours a day would be best. Until that day arrives, however, I will keep plugging away, trying different programs to see if any of them “stick.”

One program I am looking at right now is Rocket Language Spanish. Have you heard of it? It focuses on practical, fun and conversational language learning. The website’s content has a conversational, open and friendly tone.

One thing I like about this program is that they offer a lifetime free online course as well as a premium version that can either be done online or through a 25-CD set. You can even concentrate on specific areas like grammar, pronunciation or cultural differences.

Watch this video to learn some basic Spanish phrases and greetings.

Learn to speak Spanish easily with Rocket Spanish.

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